PSW HR and Training Solutions Pty Ltd provides organisations with

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  • Operational and practical human resource strategies to enhance people management and performance for your organisation
  • Conflict resolution services
  • Tailored education and training initiatives - both competency based and customized programs designed for your specific organisation


Philippa Woolf

HR Projects

During 2012 Philippa was asked to partner with another organisation to conduct two separate Ministerial reviews. The first involved a comprehensive analysis of the investigative and compliance roles of a large NSW government agency with approximately 400 staff. This review was conducted over a three month period and incorporated over 60 recommendations around improving the investigative response, compliance and processes of the organisation across NSW. The vast majority of the recommendations have been endorsed and implemented by the NSW Government since the report was tabled in the NSW Parliament in December 2012. In 2013 a second review of another arm of the agency was conducted and involved a restructure and the development of an organisational change management strategy.

In 2014 Philippa was contracted to develop a complaint management process for NSW Mine Safety Performance that factored in organisational standards and stakeholder expectations. This complaint management process has now been adapted and expanded throughout many sectors of NSW Trade and Investment.

Nationally Accredited

In 2013 Philippa became a director of Australian Centre for Investigation Management (ACIM) which focuses on a range of tailored training programs focused on developing people in the area of work based investigations including work health and safety incidents, bullying and complaint investigations, emergency management, governance and grievance and complaint management.

In 2014, Philippa became a founding partner of the RTO Professional Investigations t/as ACIM Solutions -

Award Winner 2012


In 2012 PSW HR Solutions was awarded the NSW Enterprise Performance Development Award through the Industry Association Academy of Investigation, Risk and Loss Adjusting Professionals (AIRLAP), in recognition of Outstanding Enterprise Performance Development Excellence.

Philippa’s innovative approach and long-term commitment to positive people management has been recognised with awards in risk management and people management from the NSW Government - Treasury Management Fund.

Philippa has tertiary qualifications in psychology, business management, human resources, conflict resolution, work health and safety, investigations, adult education and workplace assessment.


Since 2010 Philippa has been the volunteer Hunter region representative for NSW Police Legacy.